Sunday, November 13, 2005

update: the deal with Pancakes

People ask me questions. One of these questions is in essence this:

So what's the deal with Pancakes?

Yeah, the deal ...

In all honesty, it's probably not worth figuring out at this point. Pancakes is a character, yes. She's also a character in a story within another story about a girl named Pancakes. And she's kind of a ubiquitous concept in a lot of the writing I've been producing over the last few years. Hence her gracing this blog with her weird little name.

At this point, all you really need to know is that Pancakes is more of a she than an it (or a they). Don't think about it too hard. I promise I'm not. But I do know what I'm doing. Kind of.

Okay, you can all go back to work now. That's all we have time for.