Tuesday, July 11, 2006

admin: belated bloggy birthday

I'm breaking character here for a sec to note that this blog had a birthday last month and all of us missed it.

Back in April 2005 someone asked me if I had a blog. We'd been talking about writing, which both of us did, and then she just asked me that, as if I was supposed to say, "Well, yeah, duh." But instead I said something like, "Um, no. Is that a thing I really need to have?"

Oh, and just look at me now.

It kind of was something I needed to have, and not because anyone's come beating down my door with offers of publishing contracts and prize money for unparalleled brilliance. No one's even so much as accidentally bumped into my door. Some might even avoid it. I don't care.

What I have instead, at least for now, is a tiny little cluster of people who check in and see what I'm posting. Did I have that before I cranked this blog up in June of last year? Hell, no, I didn't. Back then I had only a few indulgent friends who read things I would send them. They were great about it, and supportive as can be. Now they don't have to keep their inboxes cleared of my scribblings. Now they can just come see when they have time.

And, as you may have noticed, I also went all visual this year. What would I be doing with all my pictures if I couldn't showcase them this way? Again, junking up emailboxes. Hoping people said "cool." Now it's just there. Come look. Tell your friends. Take up a collection and send me on the road. I'm down with whatever.

So for those reasons and many more, I'm giving my first year on Blogspot a happy nod. I'm that much more out of my head now. In all senses of the phrase. And for that, how can one not be glad?