Wednesday, October 25, 2006

inexplicable signage: LIRR

(Hicksville Station, Long Island, NY)
This isn't an example of my keen photographic sensibilities. Rather, it's a plea for someone to help make some sense of the message on this sign. This sad little advertisement rests in a dim stairwell off the Long Island Railroad platform at Hicksville, and there's reason to believe no one much cares about it. Why? Well, when did you ever see Vaio trotting out this particular ad campaign? Aren't those guys trying to sell computers or something? Does Sony know about this misguided and mysterious sign? Seriously, what the hell? Is it perhaps just taunting those of us in the Western countries with our unappreciated abundance? And if so, does that kind of cheekiness really work to sell laptops? Even as our laps disappear behind swelling guts?